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sister..are you ready to 

be part of something big.


Inside my monthly membership, you’ll gain access to:

*A library of POTENT, life-altering classes which will give you clarity on all the subjects you’ve been curious about.

*A growing library of extremely powerful guided meditations which blend energy work and meditation.​ These aren’t your average guided meditations and you won’t be able to find anything else like them anywhere. 

->These meditations are downloaded directly from Source to help you heal exactly what you need to, evolve into the woman you know you’re meant to be, dissolve your fears, blocks, and insecurities, and step into that brand new version of yourself you have been calling in. 

I add new meditations every month based on the exact needs of the group. 

*A private, online community hosted on my website where you can share with one another, and be with your wolf pack! I also post more intimate, exclusive content in here and read and comment on every post.

*A weekly card reading which contains potent messages to help guide your focus and choices

*Priority access to my Mentorship program. (It’s like the Dream Weavers but on steroids ;) - if you decide you want deeper support, doors for the next round open in January 2023 and you’ll be the FIRST to know!)

*Discounts on all of my offerings 


So if you’re ready to join us and experience an IMMEDIATE upgrade to your life (i'm not kidding…you will feel it!)



And gain instant access to all of the resources

And a live Opening Ceremony, meeting together on Zoom as we welcome you, the new members of our precious and potent community.


Sister, I see you..

You're self motivated,

You’re ready to live the life you know here came here for,

But you’re not sure you’re putting your efforts in the right place?


You’d love some clarity to help propel you forward 

And some friends on this path wouldn’t be so bad either..


You’re done with all the bullshit,

Both your own and that you’ve been fed from the outside world (it's OK, I've been there too)


You’re longing for the TRUTH

to experience your divine, radiant nature,

And the truth about what’s really going on around here. 


You give your all to everything you do,

And now you’re ready to make that project your own happiness.


You, my friend are a DREAMWEAVER!!!

The Dream Weavers Collective is an amazing group of women, 

Who are done with the status quo,

Ready to shine their light,

Ready to make their vision real,

Ready to do what it is they came here to do and be powerful as F!!!

 I am so thankful to be part of this Community. I think about Trust and Energy at least 50
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