a monthly membership to support your evolution

together, we will support one another in embodying who we came to earth to be.

we will learn how to take our power back and stand in it boldly and courageously.

we will uncover hidden truths.

we will practice being seen, heard & witnessed.

we will awaken our own inner healer & teacher.

we will do this in community, the most powerful way to do so, as the social beings we are.


membership includes:

-2 virtual sacred circles per month

-1 pre-recorded class per month

-1 recorded meditation per month

-virtual community

-energetic support from me

each month we will have an exciting topic to explore. the topic will be explained to you in a pre-recorded video. you will be encouraged to explore that theme in your own life in different ways that feel resonant to you. some of these topics will be more tangible (i.e. numerology) and others will be more ethereal (i.e. self love)

every other week, we will gather in sacred circle to witness and honour one another and to share whatever is relevant in the moment. you will not be obligated to share - you can share only when you feel ready.

this will be a truly safe, nurturing and supportive container and will help you grow into whoever your soul desires you to be.

hint: this person is already alive and well within you, it will just take some unraveling for you to experience!

    ©2020 jane allen chaisson.