at some point, ya just gotta jump IN!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

it's taken me a while (several years...ahem!!!) to be ready to share my voice with the world - to TRULY share my voice, my essence. and to understand, know and accept that my voice has power. it has strength. and even more so, to own the fact that I have a TON of wisdom to share!...

this is why it has taken me so long to be ready to share.

because, in all of the self-work, courses and reading that I have done, in all of the time I have taken in deep meditation (learning many different kinds of meditations along the way) I have gathered so many tools. I have deepened my intuition, my connection to my self. I have shed layers and lifetimes and POUNDS of self-doubt, of self-criticism, of negative self-talk, of fear, of identity constructs which are no longer helpful to me.

I am finally ready!

and now, my self doubt looks like this:

-but I have nothing to share because I have no content?

-what is going to be my topic next month, or next week or, or, or...

ya see, even after all the work I have done on myself, and I follow my heart when it comes to all aspects of my life, I still have a sweet little ego, who is the one who has been coming up with the above excuses.

but the difference is, now I know very clearly when it is my ego talking, or when it is my heart, higher self, or guides.

when it's my ego, I can smile, send her some love, and continue with the guidance I was given.

at some point, you just have to JUMP IN!

so here it is, my very first blog post :) <3

here is where I'll be sharing what is basically my diary. Information/inspiration that I've received in meditation either for myself , for the collective, or for both. So it is bound to be pretty personal at times.

Take it all with a grain of salt. Because, after all, the foundation of all of the teachings or teachers that have been MOST beneficial to me is that I am my OWN auhority, my own teacher, my own guru. And what I always want to share with you is that the same is, ofcourse, true for you!

My musings may resonate with you, and they may not. It's all energy, after all!

#selfacceptance #youreyourownteacher #ownyourwisdom #ownyourpower #shareyourvoice

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