becoming the healed healer

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

There is no "quick fix" for the healer.

At least there wasn't in the old paradigm,

Healing is a journey of collecting tools that will help us help others. A journey to heal the wounds not only of ourselves, but of our entire family, ancestry and all lineages. It’s taken me years to realize and accept that this next session or appointment or modality isn't going to be “IT”! The magic potion I need to totally heal me and take away all my pain and empower me and make me become and express who I Know I am somewhere deep inside of me!

Instead, it's a gradual process of unwinding, unbinding, learning, and awareness. Most modalities I have tried have helped in some way and been a necessary part of my journey. I’m becoming an expert on myself; skilled at working with energy and tapping into the subtle realms.

Eventually, the healer becomes healed. This is the paradigm we are now working in.

the “healed healer”, as I understand her to be is:

-Not afraid of her power, but proud of it.

-Knows her heart is right, listens to it and is not afraid to speak up.

-Skillful with her gifts of being sensitive to energy, and trusts her energy reads.

-Trusts her body, honors her as the living, breathing and exquisite animal that she is and gives her body what she needs.

-Knows her body has powerful instincts which are different than intuition and trusts those animalistic instincts as well.

-Can open her heart to others, without fear, because she has strong discernment of who she can trust and who she can’t.

-Knows how to support herself physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically

-shares her gifts with the world, unabashedly,but also has strong boundaries and knows how not to accept any shit.

To me, this doesn't mean the healer's journey of learning is over. There will always be skills, information, tools or lessons to learn while we're here on earth..But I feel at this stage the learning is more about refinement. Life becomes much more fun because you're able to look at things from a much broader perspective. You're choosing your timelines, you're in charge of your life because you're in charge of your SELF.

You have so many tools to help you with things get sticky and most importantly, you're living your purpose, which gives you so much energy and excitement.

These days, I've been welcoming myself into the realm of healed healer. and feeling really good about it!

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