the light bearers

we see the truth

we are brave enough to see it

and even more brave to speak it

in a world flipped upside down

where love is hated

and hatred is loved

it is a hard position to hold.

but we are rising

and will continue to rise

our love is contagious, catching on like wildfires

all are welcome on this side

you simply must be willing to rise

to let go of everything you thought to be true

to allow a New Earth to bloom within you

to be willing to let all you've known fall away

and trust and know there is a MUCH better way...

and it's coming, it is coming

it is here for us now

it exists in the way you live your life

in how you let your morals grow

awareness is a gift

it will set you free

as you let it blossom,

your freedom will grow up, like a tree

so put down your stones,

cast them no more

the truth is here, coming in hot

the more you resist, the more you'll wrought.

every action has a consequence

all our dues will be paid

do you want to sleep

in the bed you've made?

there is always time to open,

just say "yes" and your path will unfold

it will be worth it..

trust us.

allow truth to unfold.

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