heart centre your life session

come out of your head, find home in your heart

we have been living in a paradigm that puts the mind above all else - we are told to use our minds to figure everything out for us..the new paradigm available to use now allows the heart to lead the way. when we make choices from our hearts we feel aligned, centred and open. i can help you start listening to your heart and you will learn practices and techniques to open your beloved heart space.


find your inner wisdom session

guidance & inspiration

we are shifting from an old paradigm that says that others know better, and into a paradigm that says we have everything we need within us to live the lives that we came here to. shifting gears out of the old and into the new just takes a little bit of work and is a matter of reframing your thought patterns around this subject. sometimes, all it takes is giving ourselves permission to be our own authorities.

during this session I will guide you through processes to help you identify your blocks and limiting beliefs, to help you have greater access to your own inner voice and clarity.


why work with jane?

i have been steadily and whole-heartedly honing my craft since 2013.

in the old patriarchal paradigm heavily focused on the mind, credentials, and doing-ness i have spent the last 7 years attuning my intuition, unlearning and deprogramming everything i have been taught, and tapping into the vast state of being-ness. 

along this time i have held space for many others to discover new things about themselves. i have taught yoga, meditation, lead healing workshops and sacred circles. i've travelled the world, and given birth at home, radically in my power.

it's my purpose in life to help others find their way back to themselves and find their own purpose. 

i've been through the fire. i've come out the other side with my magic stronger than ever. i'm here to help you find yours. 

    ©2020 jane allen chaisson.