jane allen chaisson

welcoming you to new earth


who am i

i am sovereign: woman

i am here to show others the way back to themselves.

---for so long, we have been taught that everyone else knows better than we do (even when it comes to our own bodies or how we are feeling!)---


i am here to guide you back into your body, to learn how to get to know it well, to trust it and everything it is telling you, and to take back your power in every area of your life.

i am ready to share my gifts, tips and tools with those ready to claim their sovereignty and unleash their inner wisdom as well. what one human can do, we all can do.

i am a visionary. i am holding within my heart a vision of a new earth, a new paradigm, a new humanity. i am here to invite others to do the same and create their own vision.


the great awakening

welcoming a new paradigm

you're beginning to realize that everything you have been told your entire life has been based on a fabrication...

you're beginning to realize that you will never be able to go back to the way things once were. everything about your life has changed, or needs to change.

and you may feel scared, angry, confused, anxious - this is all natural and part of the process. 

you are beginning to feel all of the things that you never had time to feel while you were so busy living the life society told you to live. (you really thought it was the life you wanted!)

we've been there. this is your awakening. it may be really hard now, and we feel you.. and we promise it's going to get SO much better. 

on the other side of this is clarity, happiness (probably more than you've ever felt before), fulfillment, excitement, purpose, passion, love.

we will get there. together.

our unity collective is designed to hold you and give you space, information, and support as you navigate your way through this unprecedented time. while no one else can do your work for you, you cannot do it alone. 

we're all in this together.


new earth

anchoring in infinite possibility

i'm holding a vision of an earth in which humans are connected to our divine nature. we assume our roles as caretakers of mother Gaia - as such, the way we live here is gently, gracefully, peacefully, and generously - giving back to our land with our whole hearts.


we live harmoniously with one another as humans, and we treat ourselves, other humans, and all other beings on our planet with unconditional love, reverence and respect. 


we make use of technologies which are inherently available within the design of our planet, for example Free Energy, to power everything we need (no more need for fossil fuels or cutting down trees).

sustainable materials are used to build everything (i.e. Hemp).

we use money as one form of energy exchange, but we also exchange goods and services. our relationship with money is completely different, though, as everything about money has been healed and transformed into a currency of light.

the oceans and forests are clean, teaming with life and thriving.

our food supply is based on a foundation of a deep respect for all beings involved. many more humans have time to grow their own food. our food contains all of the vital nutrients as designed by our earth. 

we honour all stages of life as unique, important, and special in their own way and treat all beings with the reverence deserved.

we are healed, each of us has found our wholeness and way back to our hearts and thus have an immense capacity for love.

we still have much to learn as a species, but honour the process with patience, love and compassion.

in the unity collective, we will be helping to anchor in this new way of living by practicing these new ways of relating to ourselves, one another, all beings, and our planet.


    ©2020 jane allen chaisson.