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jane allen chaisson

embodiment & healing guide, easeful & balanced business coach, new earth leader, new paradigm bringer

welcoming you home to your HEART and an easeful, happy, abundant life

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from my heart to yours..

If you are looking for true, deep, inner and outer world transformation..

If you have ever tried to heal and left feeling disappointed..

You have my heart-felt guarantee that this time will be different,

that if you choose to work with me, i will be the last guide you will ever need to see.

I began my own healing journey with stubborn chronic pain which I made a commitment to myself to heal by the end of 2013...dozens of bodyworkers, healers, psychics (and trainings & certifications) later, nobody could help me. It was extremely disappointing, but has turned into my greatest gift...


I had to unlock all of my healing within myself. 

In this several year-long process, I not only created my own healing modality (the H.E.A.R.T method) which, has had GUARANTEED SUCCESS in helping both myself and my clients heal any and all physical, emotional and circumstantial issues, but also gained a completely new understanding for what it means to heal...

I now know that in order to truly heal something, you must go to the ROOT cause, and you must be involved in your own healing.

Both of these aspects is what makes the H.E.A.R.T method fool-proof. And what make so many other modalities fall short.

Because of it's immense power,  and versatility (it can be used with ANY issue, physical, emotional, circumstantial, triggers, patterns, addictions) I use it in both my group program and one:one work. And help my clients get life-changing, permanent results.

If you choose to work with me, I will be the last healer you will ever need to see.

This is because the H.E.A.R.T method not only helps you heal your issues from the root cause, but it strengthens your own intuition and connection to your body so that when things come up, you are able to address them on your own.  

Working with me will enable you to say goodbye to feeling dependent on any external source (that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy a delicious weekly massage)

and HELLO to being your OWN healer, your own guide, your own source of love and validation.

As the nature of true, deep and everlasting healing takes time and patience, I no longer offer one-off sessions. If you wish to work with me 1:1, I welcome you to apply to my group mentorship program, and upgrade to VIP status, OR join the waitlist for my one:one deep healing transformation.



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